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Schedule of Fees

 Rates current as of

Teller Services
Membership Fee $5.00
Credit Union Cashier's Check Disbursals (per item) Issues from Savings/Checking $5.00
Money Orders (per item) $2.00
Statement Copy (each) $10.00
Request to attempt Stop Payment of Credit Union issues Cashiers Check (per item) $25.00
Verification of Deposit (each) $10.00
Incorrect Address / Return Mail $5.00
Account Closure Fee (within 90 days of opening) $5.00
Check Cashing (Members with Account and Loan balances below $250.00) $10.00
Electronic Services
Initial Card Order No Charge
Card / PIN Replacement $10.00
Rush Card Issuance $50.00
ATM Cash Withdrawal from Checking or Savings from:  
    Mid-Cities owned ATM No Charge
    CO-OP (Credit Union) ATMs No Charge
    All other ATMs $3.00
ATM Balance Inquiries / Transfers (each) $2.00
Overdrawn Account $35.00
Return Items deposited at ATMs (each) $35.00
Adjustments for items deposited at ATMs (each) $10.00
On-Line Loan Payment (thru Payment Center) $5.00 per loan
Home Banking and Bill Pay* No Charge
*$3 monthly fee is waived if at least one bill per 30 days is paid through MCCU's Bill Payer  
24 Hour Voice Response No Charge
Automated Clearing House (ACH) / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Services
Insufficient Funds (per item)  
    If Item is Returned $35.00
    If Item is Paid--Privilege Pay Loan $35.00
Stop Payment Request $25.00
Outgoing Wire - Domestic (Per) $20.00
Outgoing Wire - International (Per) $30.00
Incoming Wires $10.00
Account Inquiries / Transfers / Verify Checks Paid & Account Activity No Charge
Checking Services    
Monthly Service Fee (per month)
Second Chance Checking (per month)
Business Value Checking (per month)  $10.00
Check Orders / Reorders Varies
Rush Check Orders / Reorders w/ Overnight Delivery $25.00
Initial Order of Temporary Checks (12) No Charge
Additional Request of Temporary Checks (4 Checks Per Page), Each Page $2.00
Copy of Paid Checks (each) $5.00
Insufficient Funds (per item)  
If Item is Returned or Paid $35.00
Stop Payment Order - Member Checks (single check or range) $25.00
Overdraft Protection (Automatic Transfer) per transfer  
    From Savings $5.00
    From Privilege Pay Loan $35.00
Overdrawn Account $35.00
Statement Copy (each) $10.00
Account Reconciliation and / or Research (per hour) $50.00
Inactive Account for 6 months
Return Deposit Item (deposited, cashed, or loan payment) per item
Special Handling:  
    Incoming Collection Item (per item) $10.00
    IRS / State Tax Levy / Garnishment (each) $40.00
    Subpoena of Records Per Legal Schedule
Overnight Delivery (Fed-Ex) Member Request $45.00
Demand Request (RE Loans) $40.00
Pay Day Loan $40 ($100 to $500 borrowed)
Pay Day Loan $50 ($501 to $1,000 borrowed)
Escheat Notice $7.00
Notary (Mid Cities Business Only) No Charge
Loan Modification $150.00
Loan Late Fee $35.00
Credit Card Late Fee $35.00
Over the Limit Fee $35.00